Gangjong Choedenling Renovation Project

Phase I Campaign

To advance the vision, TCCC has embarked on a $3.3 million campaign which seeks support of parents, grandparents, friends, youth and students, corporations, foundations and other individuals throughout the community. Contributions to the campaign will support construction of the facility’s north wing. We are all in this together. Throughout this project we will be looking at everyone in our community and saying “Can you help?” In order to accomplish our goal and remain financially healthy as a cultural centre, we need to raise $3.3 million. We can only do this if we all come together to pledge and give generously.

Raising the Roof and Creating an Assembly Hall and a Multi-Purpose Hall.
This expansion will permanently unveil the statues to allow for unrestricted access to our statues. It will also add space for recreation facilities. In addition, the new multi-use hall will increase our seating capacity from 1,706 to 2,816. The added space also means we’ll be able to offer an increase range of services, programs and facility rentals to enhance community use of space 7 days per week.

To meet our growing need for learning space, select areas will be identified for renovation in order to create new amenities and opportunities for creating environments conducive to knowledge building.

Meditation Hall and Offices.
We’ll conduct a complete overhaul of our space, adding a roof, renovating the design and increasing capacity in the north side of the building. We’ll add new windows to brighten the environment. Lastly, we’ll create more functional storage and office spaces that will increase productivity during the week and provide space for our staff and volunteers to conduct the day-to-day work of the cultural centre.

Long Term Growth and Sustainability.
The renovations will position us in a healthy financial position as we will generate revenue from the rental of new and renovated space, increase program offerings.

Campaign Highlights – Phase 1

Raising the Roof, Assembly & Multi-Purpose Halls

Fundraising Goal $3.3 Million ($250/sq ft x13,200 sq ft)
Planned summary of Fundraising Goals
TCCC events and Other initiatives
Community Fundraising
$1 Million
$2.3 Million
Community Fundraising
Individuals Needed
Individual Contribution
$500 each (equivalent to 2 sq ft)
Timeline 6 Months (June – Dec 2016)