In the spring of 2004, His Holiness bestowed the Kalachakra teaching for World Peace in Toronto to over 7,000 pilgrims from all walks of life. It was during this auspicious occasion that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gave his blessings to the organization and granted the Tibetan name “Gangjong Choedenling” to the proposed community centre.

In the late and early 1970’s, approximately 500 Tibetans sought refuge in Canada, making them the smallest immigrant group in the country. Approximately 350 Tibetans settled in Ontario and ensured the survival and growth of Tibetan identity and culture in a multi-cultural Canada. Later, in 1998 a small number of Tibetan Refugees fron India and Nepal found Canada as their home. The influx of Tibetans in Ontario has been growing over the years and there are approximately over 4000 Tibetans currently living in Ontario. To this day, the Tibetans here have been dedicated to preserving and promoting the values of the unique Tibetan cultural heritage in Ontario.

The Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre was acquired and established on October 17, 2007 (the auspicious day when His Holiness the Dalai Lama received the US Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian award). It is located at 40 Titan Road in the city of Etobicoke (Intersection Islington Ave and Titan Rd). Currently the Centre offers a variety of programs and services which is open to everyone.