Tibetan Performing Arts Toronto

Performing Arts Program

Day/Date:     Every Sunday, September – June
Time:            2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Venue:          TCCC, 40 Titan Road, Etobicoke ON M8Z 2J8
Age Group:  School going child age 5 and above


To enable TCCC performing Arts Program Students To Perform

  • Tibet’s unique tradition of performing arts such as opera, dance, music and song
  • Play musical instrument such as drayen, yangchi, flute, etc.
  • Recognise Tibetan authentic costumes traditionally worn for dance and song
  • Get opportunities to perform at public gatherings and events[/su_spoiler]


Semester 1: Every Sunday September– January (5 months)
Semester 2:  Every Sunday February– June (5 months)

Daily Schedule: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Time Activities
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm National Anthems & Tibetan Ceremonial Songs
3:00 pm – 3:50 pm Period   1
3:50 pm – 4:05 pm Recess
4:05 pm – 6:00 pm Period   2


1. A child must be 5 years old as of August 31st of the calendar year.
2. Registration Date and Deadline:

Semester Registration Date Deadline
Semester 1: (Sept – January) Sept. 10, 17, 24 Sept. 24, 2017
Semester 2: (February – June) January 14, 21, 28 January 28, 2018


  1. Please note that no applications will be accepted after the registration deadline.
  2. Students with fee default will have to leave the program immediately.
  3. Special Consideration: Families who have moved/immigrated to Toronto recently can enrol their child/children anytime.

3. Registration & Fees

Parents are required to pay a semester fee in advance. Monthly fees for each program are given below. Click here for new student Registration form

 Programs TCCC Members Non-members
Tibetan Language Program $15.00 per month $20.00 per month
Tibetan Performing Arts Program $15.00 per month $20.00 per month
Tibetan Lang + Performing Arts Program $25.00 per month $35.00 per month
Student ID $5.00 per year $5.00 per year



There will be 3 different levels classes: Junior, Intermediate & Senior. Four Performing Arts instructors teach these classes.


1. Students Responsibilities:

Students shall demonstrate respect for themselves and for others and must


  • come to classes prepared, on time, and ready to learn;
  • show respect for themselves, for others, and for those in authority;
  • follow the established rules and taking responsibility for their own actions;
  • speak in Tibetan all the time;
  • submit all homework and assignments on time and complete to the best of their ability;
  • refrain from being in the halls or outside during classes;
  • show proper care and regard for TCCC property and the property of others;
  • dispose all trash and waste in the proper manner and use appropriate containers;

Attendance & Lateness

  • be on time for classes and attend classes regularly;
  • make up their work missed during their absence;

Dress Code

  • obey the dress code which prevents from wearing of hats, inappropriate insignia or dress;

 Conduct & Behaviour

  • refrain from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of others;
  • Any form of misconduct and misbehaviours such as bullying, vandalism, abuse are not acceptable during the class hours and within the TCCC premises. In the event of such act occurs, students will be given warning and parent will be notified. After three successive warning, parents will be notified to withdraw the child from the program.

2. Teachers Responsibilities:

The teachers are responsible in developing effective teaching strategies and students language proficiency. Specifically, a teacher shall:

  • Prepare material for teaching according to the approved curriculum
  • teach students using various teaching strategies – discussions, visuals, presentations, etc.
  • Assign and correct homework
  • Prepare, administer and correct tests
  • Evaluate students progress and discuss results with parents and education coordinator
  • Participate in staff meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshop
  • Help students work to their full potential and develop their sense of self-worth
  • empower students to be positive leaders in their classroom, and community
  • communicate regularly and meaningfully with parents
  • maintain consistent standards of behaviour for all students
  • demonstrate respect for all students, staff, parents, volunteers, and the members of the school community
  • prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship

3. Parents Responsibilities:

Parental support is the key in providing quality education to child or children. Specifically parents are expected to

  • Be Supportive and encouraging;
  • Provide appropriate involvement in the homework activity;
  • Set regular homework routines with flexibility;
  • Provide a note of explanation when home work is incomplete;
  • Ensure your child is reading, or is read to, on daily basis at home;
  • contribute fees and submit forms on time;
  • Drop and pick up their child on time;
  • inform TCCC by telephone 416-410-5606 for student’s absence;
  • TCCC in writing if their child will be absent for an extended period;
  • Provide a written notice should your child decide to quit the program. Without formal notification of withdrawal, a student’s status will continue to be considered active and program fees will continue to accumulate.

4. Program Administrators Responsibilities

The program administrators – Education and Cultural Coordinators – are accountable to the VP Community Program and the TCCC Board. The administrator

  • fosters a professional learning community
  • establishes goals and directions, in consultation with teachers, for the program and lead teachers to work collectively toward achieving these goals and directions
  • strives toward developing positive environment and climate that fosters student growth and academic excellence
  • is responsible for appointing staff and resources effectively and efficiently
  • is responsible for the evaluation of student performance and the clear communication of such information according to established and known criteria
  • responsible for a non-threatening and safe environment for all students and staff and /or at functions
  • monitors all activities of the program and keeps records
  • maintains a budget and is responsible for all expenditures and base budget funds
  • develops, in cooperation with staff, policies for and effectively manages student discipline
  • submits, as required, all necessary reports to the TCCC Board
  • supervises and assesses the performance of staff fairly and effectively, providing formative and summative assessment of staff performance
  • strives toward harmonious working relationships with and among staff members


The Education and Culture Committee was formed to improve the governance and operation of Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre Tibetan Language and Performing Arts Program. The committee comprises of the following members

  1. VP Community Program – chair
  2. TCCC Education Coordinator
  3. TCCC Cultural Coordinators
  4. Tibetan Language Teachers rep
  5. Tibetan Performing Arts Teachers rep
  6. Parents Representative


Two to three volunteer Parent representatives were elected / appointed by parents to support TCCC Tibetan Language and Performing Arts Program and act as a bridge between parents & Teachers & Administrators. Please click hereto get a copy of a Terms of Reference of Parent Representative. The parent representatives will lead to

  • Supervise and coordinate parents for volunteer work for making lunch, setting up and tidying up lunch tables and chairs
  • Help in organizing Annual TCCC Performing Arts Students Cultural Concert
  • Organize annual Family Picnic
  • Help Education and Cultural coordinator with any other school related work when requested
  • Organize fundraising event


For any questions or concern please contact our office attcccprogram@gmail.com or 416.410.5606

For specific questions on Tibetan Performing Arts Program, please contact Mr. Tsering Dorjee, TCCC Cultural Coordinator at tseringdorjee@yahoo.com or Mr. Tenzin Tsangyang, TCCC Education Coordinator.