TCCC Renovation Project- Appeal by TCCC President

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A life of generosity begins not with actions but with identity as a Tibetan Canadian. Your pledge will be an unrestricted donation so that we may realize the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for TCCC – Gangjong Choedenling.

Support Your TCCC – Make a Pledge
Your pledge is very important. It helps us gauge the amount of resources we can count on throughout
the project. It is simply the amount you would like to donate, over a span of 6 months. You can make
one large donation, a smaller donation each month or an even smaller amount each week that will
ultimately add up to your total pledge amount.

Ways to Give:

• One-time donation (cheque or Online)
• Monthly donation
• Pledge (payment installments for a period of 6 months) – Download Pledge form here
• Donations in honour of celebrations (e.g. wedding; birthday; graduation)
• Memorial gifts
• Donations of securities stocks, bonds and mutual funds)

Recognition of Donors
A donor wall with a plaque for the donor’s name will honour all donations of $500 or more.

donor wall